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2020, 2021, and 2022 Update

Hey there! 

First, we want to thank each and every one of our clients for sticking with us during such a crazy time! For the remainder of the 2020 season and beyond, we will be following the guidelines set in place by the State of NY in relation to events/gatherings. We have made it publicly known on social media and individual notification to 2020 couples that we will not operate within the gray areas. The changes made to our service in conjunction with the current regulations are as follows: masks are worn during all preparatory duties and during service, surfaces are sanitized more frequently, our serving shelf has been removed to decrease contact surfaces, grab-and-go utensils and napkins are no longer available (we will happily supply what you need, just ask!), gloves (as always) are worn during services, and we have hot running water, soap, and hand sanitizer on board. Masks are required at the service window and social distancing is encouraged while in line.

"Love is forever, social distancing is temporary!"

Our last event for the season will be 9/25/2020. We will not be adding to our schedule nor will we be setting up publicly. 

2021 Season start date: 5/22/2021

We have recently released our "pause" for new 2021 bookings. Our pause was put in place to ensure all 2020 couples were able to reschedule their days without any difficulty. Now that all new dates have been secured, 2021 is now back open. Please note, 2021 availability is EXTREMELY limited!!!

As of 10/5/2020, our 2021 wedding season is fully booked!

2022 is now OPEN as of October 1st.

Several dates are already secured!

 If you are interested in pricing and unit options, please get a hold of us through our contact page.