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Alyssa | Owner | Creator | Operator

Alex | Husband | Builder

Hey guys and gals! We'd like to just take a minute or two of your time to let you get to know us. 

Alex and I are high school sweethearts. We've been friends since we were 12 and have been together since we were 15. Alex is a full time professional Fire Fighter and I currently work full time as a Realtor.  We have 4 fur babies- 2 dogs: Emma Lou and Max and 2 horses: Ri and Stella (not the ones in the picture). In September of 2016 we tied the knot at St Johns the Baptist and had an absolutely amazing reception at MKJ Farm in Deansboro with nearly 250 of our closest friends and family (complete with me driving the UTV in my dress, an awesome DJ who stayed an extra couple of hours, and fireworks!). That same year we bought a "fixer upper" and molded into something incredible. I'm very much a homebody and love to decorate so my house is about as cozy as it gets! 

Renovations, restorations, and creating unique pieces are some things that we love to do together! The changes always surprise me. Thankfully, Alex is kind, patient, and handy. I swear he can  build anything! 

I had been on Pinterest and saw a horse trailer turned coffee shop in the UK and thought "I would love to do that!" Well, we talked about it, I shared design ideas, and then 2 weeks later we were headed to NJ for the trailer (scariest drive home ever)!