frequently asked questions

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Why do you charge per person?

Like other caterers or bar services we want to make sure that we have enough to feed all your guests (and then some). We have done the math and research to factor in an accurate number to make it affordable for our clients without cutting any corners for their guests. 

**We've found that charging a service fee and then tallying every order is not just tedious while trying to serve 150-200 wedding guests, but it actually costs more and produces more wasted product.

Can you do it any cheaper? 

We get asked this question more frequently than not.  This is not necessarily a short or easy answer.

A lot goes into our business: work, time, maintenance, supplies, the list goes on and on....We are not simply an ice cream truck that hands out prepackaged novelties. We are providing an experience. We want your guests to walk away from your wedding talking about how fun or how cool this addition was! Each sundae, cone, and float is made to order in front of your guests. We help our couples  create signature sundaes that represent them. We have our truck, trailer, generator, disposables, and decor that must come with us to every event.  And lastly, you have two very dedicated people that do everything they can to make sure everything is perfect and everyone is happy (that's us!).

Can you bring the trailer inside? Where can you park?

Unfortunately we cannot bring the trailer inside (the only exception is MKJ farm). We actually do require an adequate parking spot for the rig. Keep in mind we haul the trailer with a diesel pickup truck. Our parking/access road/driveway must be able to accommodate both truck and trailer. We cannot move the trailer by hand as it is far too heavy however we can unhook and have the trailer standalone. We must have parking figured out ahead of time. Please get permission from venue owner/manager and double check that they are okay with your requested placement! We ran into too many last minute moves after set up in 2019.